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Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm

Fire alarm systems can be the difference between life and death by alerting occupants of potential dangers / hazards via visual and audible devices. Activox distributes and provides professional inspections, services, and installations.

• Addressable/Conventional Fire Alarm Systems • Voice Evacuation Systems (EVAC)
• Heat/Smoke/Flame Detection • Air Aspiration System
• Carbon Monoxide Detection
• Audible/Visual Notification Systems
• 120 V Interconnected Smoke Alarms
• Fire Safety Plans • ULC Monitoring Services

Inspections of fire and life-safety systems are required and conducted in accordance with CAN/ULC standards, Ontario Fire Code (OFM), Ontario Building Code (OBC), National Fire Code (NFC), National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) and the Canadian Fire Alarm Association (CFAA).

  • CFAA certified technicians conduct inspections and verification
  • Detailed reports follow all inspections and verification

Preventive maintenance and repair is a vital step to ensure proper operation of your fire alarm system.

  • Protect occupants and investments
  • Industry trained and certified technicians

Integrated Security

Integrated Security

Protect your home and business with a wide range of security solutions. From basic to custom designs; Activox will meet your specific needs

Activox can provide you with information while you are away or on the go.
It is now possible to receive information from your security alarm system to your mobile device and email.

* Opening and Closing: track users who arm / disarm
* Notifications / Alerts: alarm, trouble, flood etc…
* Schedule: preset your arming and disarming
* Reports: various reports available upon request

Monitor your home and business with the addition of real time video surveillance equipment.

• Prevent false alarm dispatches through real time video
• Use a motion with built in camera and receive alerts on your mobile device

See MONITORING for more details.



A properly designed sprinkler system can effectively extinguish or prevent the spread of fire or total loss.

• Wet Pipe Systems • Back Flow Preventer
• Pre-Action Systems • Fire Department Connections
• Standpipe / Fire Hose Cabinets • Fire Pump
• Fire Hydrants • ULC Monitoring Services

Sprinkler systems must be inspected, tested, and maintained to applicable codes and standards. Detailed reports follow all inspections.

Not all Fire hydrants belong to the city!

  • Private hydrants require annual inspection and testing
  • Detailed reports follow all inspections

Sprinkler systems can be very complex and if not maintained premature failure could cause extensive flood damage.



Worry less about your home or business through Activox’s Canadian ULC listed monitoring services.
• No offshore call centers and fully bilingual
• Backup generators insuring uninterrupted operations
• Mobile monitoring station available in emergency situations
• ULC Fire Alarm monitoring

Communications can be either “active” or “passive” and transmitted via;

  • Telephone / Landline
  • IP (internet)
  • GSM / Cellular

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Active monitoring confirms communication every 90 seconds while passive confirms daily.

Alarm systems have the ability to monitor more than intrusion.

  • Fire / Carbon Monoxide
  • Flood / Sump Pump
  • Medical / Panic
  • High / Low Temperature

Contact us for custom requests (ie: safes, wine cellars)

Qualify for up to 20% off your annual home insurance by monitoring four simple points; burglary, fire, flooding, and temperature.

Free certificate available upon request.



Fire extinguishers are one of the most commonly recognized tools to help control and extinguish small fires.
Activox supplies, inspects, certifies, and services all makes and models.

Inspections are completed by our certified technicians (NFPA 10).

  • Required annually to daily depending on extinguisher location
  • Detailed reports follow all inspections

Please CLICK HERE for a detailed chart outlining extinguisher maintenance schedules and information.

  • A temporary fire extinguisher is provided while yours is being serviced or repaired
  • Fire extinguishers are tagged and recertified after maintenance

Access Control

Access Control

Access control is used to manage and identify who, where and when occupants can enter your business.

Access control uses fobs or cards to eliminate keys. It saves time, money and increases reliable security.

Limit access to sensitive areas and manage schedules.

  • Control entry and personal in-house or remotely

Activox offers a hosting option for your access control needs.

Access control provides a wide range of reporting options. Possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your access control system.

Increase security by combining your video surveillance and security system to help manage employees, visitors, residents, and contractors.



Guide occupants to safety with the use of emergency lighting and exit signs. When the power goes out Activox can ensure you are not caught in the dark.

Activox inspects all makes and models of emergency lighting and exit signs from monthly to annually. Detailed reports follow all inspections.

• Perform necessary maintenance and repairs to all emergency lighting and exit signs
• Extensive inventory of new and replacement parts
• Provides circuit board repairs
• Offer energy efficient solutions to save you money GET YOUR GRANT



Cameras are effective deterrents. They help reduce theft, vandalism, harassment, and increase employee productivity, honesty, and overall peace of mind.

Activox only uses commercial grade cameras.

A few benefits of modern HD and IP cameras are;

• Effectively identify people, vehicles and license plates
• Clarity, night vision/infra red and ease of use
• Technical Support and Warranties

Observe recorded or live footage of your home or business, anywhere anytime. Mobile apps available.

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